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The company “Favorite Products” is interested in expanded markets in Ukraine and worldwide.

We appreciate business relationships and understand that the success of a company depends on the reliability and perseverance of its partners.

We are interested in mutually beneficial relations, with clear terms and prospects for development.

Partners and consumers can be sure of the quality of our products. The company selects suppliers with quality raw materials and controls all stages of production.

We offer mutually beneficial business with reliable manufacturer of high-quality products with competitive price and development prospect.

The company constantly implements trade marketing, motivation programs to trade teams of distributor of food products, flexibly respond to market needs, supporting sales promotional products, provides commercial equipment and POS-materials. In time, quickly and uninterrupted delivers the goods to the warehouses distributors accordingly with the agreed order.

To discuss the details of the cooperation, please leave your contacts in the form of feedback or by email uaupgroup@gmail.com or contact by tel: +380969167055 (Viber, WhatsApp).

For suppliers

The key to successful business is the high quality of our products. Therefore, the basis for our relations with suppliers are the requirements for the quality of the products offered, the ethics of business relations and contractual obligations.
During our activity, we have formed a circle of regular partners , however , we are always ready for new commercial offers.

Main requirements for suppliers:

  • Timely implementation of all arrangements
  • Responsibility and honesty

Commercial offers for the supply of goods (services) send to: groupupua@gmail.com tel.: 0352 400708



The company is interested in constant and dynamic development. One of the keys to this development is a team of professionals of all levels, from raw material purchasers to national managers.

We offer decent working conditions, timely payment of decent wages, bonuses and compensations, development and training programs.

If you have a desire to work and earn and you are ready to join our team, send your resume to: groupupua@gmail.com